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Meet the Pack at ROAM

Our animals come from all around the country with various backstories and now will spend the rest of their lives here as permanent residents of the sanctuary in a wonderful environment consisting of spacious 1-acre enclosures that mimic their natural habitat, providing ample space to Roam.  Trained caretakers ensure their well-being and health, while also allowing them to exhibit natural behaviors.  Our peaceful setting allows the wolfdogs to thrive and live harmoniously while ensuring they receive the care and attenion they deserve.  

IMG_1198 2.jpeg


Riggs is our social butterfly and one of our Ambassador animals. He genuinely loves to meet new people and gives the sweetest kisses. Most days you can find him lounging on one of his many decks, especially when the sun is out. 

High-Content Wolfdog w/95% Gray Wolf


Rumer, who happens to be Rigg's sister, is the perfect combination of sweet and sassy and she is gorgeous to boot. She keeps her pack in line, but will never turn down a belly rub or a chance to suck on your fingers.

High-Content Wolfdog w/95% Gray Wolf



Rango can be a shy guy, but he is far from being aloof. You can find him sniffing the air or areas you have recently touched to see if you pass the vibe check. If he deems you as worthy he will show you how kind and gentle he can be. He is our lowest content wolfdog at the Sanctuary with 74% wolf DNA.

Mid-Content Wolfdog


Isabelle, our attention-seeking, "golden retriever" love bug.  

This silly girl steals the hearts of every visitor and will undoubtedly brighten your day. She is always so happy to meet people and she is one of our Ambassador Wolfdogs.

High-Content Wolfdog w/95% Gray Wolf 



Kovu is our silly sensitive boy with the most gorgeous eyes of anyone here.  He loves to wrestle with his girl, Issabel, but he would much rather cuddle and get tummy rubs. He is a giant love bug that can't get enough attention.

High-Content Wolfdog w/95% Gray Wolf


Felony, this black beauty is very smart and sweet as can be. If there is something she wants, she will find a way to get it. She knows she is gorgeous, and she will use it against you.

High-Content Wolfdog w/95% Gray Wolf



Pretty Boy Floyd is is a true mid content wolfdog that has a high wolf look to him.  He tends to be reserved and cautious around others, but when no one is looking he reveals his sweet playful soul.  He is very fond of his companion, Felony.

Mid-Content Wolfdog w/78% Gray Wolf


Rex is a very fluffy goofball who just wants to be loved and eat Chicken Jerky.  He is always looking for a snack and won't give up until he finds it. If he's not playing around with Lumi or jumping in the pool and getting the zoomies, you can find him curled up and snoozing in his haybox.

High-Content Wolfdog w/95% "Chicken Jerky"



Lumi is ​one giant love bug.  This cheeky guy is always curious about what is going on and happy to say hello to new guests. His favorite activity is scent rolling on new toys and treats. 


High-Content Wolfdog w/95% Gray Wolf


We are thrilled to announce our newest member of Roam - Miss Takaya.   We believe it was fate when we discovered her on a wolfdog rehoming page while enroute to pick up new enclosure gates.  Even crazier she was only an hour away from us!  We believe it was meant to be and soon she will become Rigg's forever companion when she's old enough to move out of the house and into an enclosure of their own.  

For now, she is busy learning the ropes as another Roam Ambassador and is already showing great interest in meeting new people and educating the public.  She is also an excellent gardener and keeps our spring flowers in top shape.  Stay tuned for more updates on this wonderful sweet girl.


High-Content Wolfdog w/85% Gray Wolf

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